Osiah – Loss (Review)

Osiah - LossThis is the third album from UK deathcore band Osiah.

Following on from 2019’s crushing Kingdom of LiesLoss offers up 50 minutes of advanced-level deathcore. Yes, Osiah have levelled up.

These new songs mix the rampant heaviness and savage technicality of Kingdom of Lies with a darker vision of what deathcore should be. The band have embraced their inner aggression even more than they did previously, blending ferocious death metal belligerence into a deathcore framework that takes no prisoners.

Loss is a bold step forward for Osiah. Taking the strengths of their past work and forging it into adamantium riffs the size of mountains, Osiah have then spliced into this the sort of modern death metal approach that has given the band a more well-rounded sound than they previously had.

The songs are well-written, demonstrating an elevated grasp of dynamics and riff-craft for deathcore. Osiah are adept at unleashing brutal breakdowns, which we already knew, but are now equally adept at surrounding these with song structures that tell a story of furious brutality, and are even capable of throwing in some atmospheric depth on occasion. Oh, and the already impressive vocalist sounds unexpectedly improved too.

On Loss Osiah are poised to enter the modern death metal and deathcore big leagues. The rampant, savage potential is here, that’s for sure. Loss is Osiah at the top of their game.

If you’re a fan of the style, don’t miss out on Loss.

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