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Xenocide, the latest album by Australian band Aversions Crown, is 50 minutes of the best kind of modern extremity. Fusing cutting-edge death metal with haunting atmospherics and a streamlined sophistication, the songs that make up this release are brutal, relentless and catchy enough to make it seem like getting your face ripped off over and over again is a good thing.

We talked to the band’s guitarist Mick Jeffery to get you in the mood for some of their ultra-brutality…

Introduce us to Aversions Crown

We’re a death metal band from Brisbane, Australia.

What are your influences?

Mainly modern death metal and deathcore kind of influences, but still some classic metal in there.

Name five things you’ve listened to recently that you’d recommend

Fuck You And Die – Elements of Instability
Lord – Digital Lies
Malevolence – Reign of Suffering
Lost Soul – Atlantis: The New Beginning
Nordjeval – Nordjeval

Aversions Crown Band 1

Tell us about Xenocide

Xenocide is the first album to feature vocalist Mark Poida. In my opinion it’s the best material the band has done. The songs feel a lot more focused, and we all had the same vision for the overall sound of the album.

Tell us about the concept behind the songs

Like our previous albums, the concepts in Xenocide are all sci-fi based. Mark brought a whole new life to the themes and ideas the band had previously done lyrically. He wrote the lyrics as a concept story. We don’t like to disclose too much about it, rather we let the listener come up with their own interpretation.

How were the songs written?

Chris Cougan is the main songwriter for the band. He started writing almost straight after the Tyrant album was finished. By the time we were ready to record we had a large number of song ideas, which we consolidated into the material we thought was the strongest for this album. Having pre-production recordings of the songs before we tracked the album meant we were well prepared for the studio.

What’s your favourite song on the album and why?

Odium is probably my favourite. It’s probably the most “metal” song on the album, it has some of my favourite riffs.

Aversions Crown

How did you choose the cover artwork?

Our first album Servitude had great artwork. The idea came up to contact the artist Ryohei Hase who designed that cover and to see if he’d be interested in working with us again. We gave him some lyrics and some songs and basically wanted to see what he would come up with. The final artwork isn’t too far off the original ideas he came up with, after a little tweaking we had the Xenocide artwork.

How important is good album art to you?

I’m kind of old school in the fact that I still enjoy sitting down with an album, reading through the booklet and looking at the artwork as I listen to it. To me it’s all part of the experience, so good album artwork is definitely important.

Where do Aversions Crown fit into the extreme metal scene in 2017 do you think?

We usually tend to get categorised as deathcore. I’m hoping this album helps us gain some more exposure and new fans so we can tour as much as possible.

How healthy do you think the Australian metal scene is at the moment?

As far as bands go it’s very healthy. We’ve got some of the best bands in the world here, and I’m constantly told that by metal fans in different countries. Some cities struggle with venues though, I think that’s the biggest issue at the moment.

Aversions Crown Band 2

Do you have any upcoming tours you want to talk about?

We have a few tours in the pipeline that haven’t been announced just yet. So keep an eye out!

What’s it like working with Nuclear Blast?

I still kind of have to pinch myself when I think about the fact that we’re on that label. They have such an incredible history with extreme music and to be a part of that legacy is pretty wild. They’ve definitely been great to work with. We always enjoy catching up with the staff when we get over to Europe and the UK.

What direction do you see your music going in the future?

I can’t see us slowing down or going soft. I think we’re going to keep producing extreme metal and just keep focusing on writing the best songs we can.

What does the rest of 2017 hold for Aversions Crown?

The foreseeable future will be a lot of time on the road. We want to take Xenocide to the world!

Any final words?

Keep an eye out for tour dates and we’ll see you on the road \m/

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