Agathocles/Psychoneurosis – War Fetisjists Kill/Grind Resurrection – Split (Review)

AgathoclesThis is a split between two grindcore bands, Agathocles from Belgium and Psychoneurosis from Poland.

The Agathocles side – War Fetisjists Kill – contains 5 songs and lasts 6 minutes.

These songs are old-school grind, with a rough, bruising demeanour. Brutal, ugly, and full of punk aggression, this is authentically nasty grindcore played by veterans that know their style inside and out.

Mostly played fast, but not exclusively, the short tracks waste no time in doing what they do best and deliver the goods on this brief split. The longest song here – the title track of the Agathocles side – contains the most variation, with some mid-paced thuggery, but other than that these are blink-and-you’ll-miss-them type of tracks.

Oh yes, and the band’s singer deserves mention too. His vocals sound like someone vomiting their entrails out. It’s a deeply unpleasant performance, but in a good way; it fits the music perfectly.

Unpolished, raw, and nasty, War Fetisjists Kill is as good a place as any for grindfreaks to get their hit of Agathocles’ patented mincecore.

PsychoneurosisThe Psychoneurosis side – Grind Resurrection – contains 7 songs and lasts 8 minutes.

Apart from a compilation release, this is the first material that Psychoneurosis have put out in 18 years. No pressure then, eh? Thankfully the short and brutal tracks on the aptly named Grind Resurrection are very enjoyable, showing both muscular sonic might and a certain endearing charisma.

Fast and savage, the songs on this release force the band’s whirlwind style right into the face of the listener, presumably where they can do the most damage. Furious blast beats are the band’s preferred mode of assault, but mid-paced riffs and paces are used here and there, such as on Lost Generation, and The Grindcore Family. Punk influences can also be heard, especially in these moments.

The vocals are quite distinctive, consisting of harsh shouts and strangled screams. The delivery is intense, and there’s something very satisfyingly old-school about it.

They’re also one of the few bands to make use of a cowbell now and again.

Overall this is a very enjoyable split release between two veteran bands that know how to griiiinnnddd. Check this out and get your best pit-friendly stomp on.

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