Psychoneurosis – The Fall of Humanity (Review)

Psychoneurosis - The Fall of HumanityThis is the debut album from Polish grindcore band Psychoneurosis.

Despite forming in 1991, this is Psychoneurosis’ first full length. The band reactivated in 2016 after being quiet for a decade and a half. I became familiar with Psychoneurosis through their recent split with Agathocles, which I quite enjoyed. Continue reading “Psychoneurosis – The Fall of Humanity (Review)”

Agathocles/Psychoneurosis – War Fetisjists Kill/Grind Resurrection – Split (Review)

AgathoclesThis is a split between two grindcore bands, Agathocles from Belgium and Psychoneurosis from Poland.

The Agathocles side – War Fetisjists Kill – contains 5 songs and lasts 6 minutes. Continue reading “Agathocles/Psychoneurosis – War Fetisjists Kill/Grind Resurrection – Split (Review)”