Sissy Spacek – Ways of Confusion (Review)

Sissy SpacekSissy Spacek are a grindcore band from the US and this is, apparently, their 30th album(!).

Holy crap this is intense. 39 tracks in a scant 15 minutes? Blood Hell.

This is a relentlessly savage assault on the senses, featuring brutally aggressive music that borrows from underground noisecore and punk to add extra bite to its raw, abrasive grindcore.

Everything about this music is unfriendly and ugly. The short – very short – tracks wrap a noisy veneer around themselves like rusty barbed wire trying to contain a rabid dog. This is not a release for the uninitiated or the casual grind fan – this is only for the truly committed and conditioned.

In some ways this is like the twisted, abused, brutalised cousin of Agoraphobic Nosebleed’s Altered States of America – the two releases don’t sound much like each other, but there’s a certain spiritual similarity in their briefness and intensity. Ways of Confusion is the more underground, extreme of the two, however. Imagine Altered States of America coupled with the most extreme, discordant parts of Discordance Axis, Antigama, and Agathocles, only dipped in acid.

Completely uncompromising grindcore is interspersed with electronic noise and punctuated by vicious growls and screams. This sentence in no ways prepares you for how abrasive this actually is, however.

If you think you can weather the horrific, inhuman assault that is presented to you on Ways of Confusion then go ahead and give it a try.

Utterly merciless.

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