Devangelic – Resurrection Denied (Review)

DevangelicDevangelic are from Italy and this is their début album of Brutal Death Metal.

It bursts out of the speakers in a torrent of gore and blasting, firmly intent on murder and maximum devastation. It’s quite the opening.

This is ultra-brutal and ultra-extreme, with a firm base of USDM and plenty of squeal and chug.

The vocals are deeper than a hole full of corpses and twice as bloody. The singer positively reeks of putrefaction and bloodlust.

The recording is chunky and as solid as a block of granite. It’s heavy enough to flatten at 100 paces and sounds exactly as a band of this nature should. Devangelic sound immense.

This is unsubtle music that nonetheless is clearly played by people who know what they love and love what they know. It’s nothing original but who cares when you can batter your enemies senseless and string up their entrails like party decorations? Devangelic know how to slaughter and they do it very, very well.

Resurrection Denied is a prime slice of bloody Death Metal that should have fans of brutality and sickness foaming at the mouth at the thought of the hideous occurrences they bring.

It’s hard not to like an album as remorselessly, efficiently brutal as this. I’d recommend this. Play it loud and absorb the ugly menace within.

Lysura – II (Review)

LysuraComing form the US, Lysura play Black Metal and this is their latest release.

II has two tracks, each clocking in at 8:41. This is Dissection-inspired Black Metal with a hint of Emperor.

Seasons in Exile starts off with some soft sounds and a gruff spoken voice barely audible. This slowly and inexorably builds to a rather grand set of riffs and noises reminiscent of Enslaved.

Once the song speeds up the screeching high vocals take the fore and we’re in icy cold territory with some bleak melodics and just a subtle hint of Thrash. Some Doom and even proto-Death Metal passages are allowed into the song enhancing it with their presence.

The second track Tome of Suppression starts with a rumbling, chuggy groove with razor blade vocals propelling it forwards before dropping off into lighter atmospherics with some almost 70’s noodling going on. Things soon get heavy again and add in a few Classic Metal riffs and we’re good to go.

The track demonstrates Lysura’s competence in weaving in small snippets of other genres into their sound without neglecting or weakening the Black Metal core that they’re founded on. Like the first one, this track is a winner.

II has a good energy about it and the band seem comfortable with their songwriting skills, even throwing in solos and leads.

Although this is billed as a demo the sound quality is perfectly fine for the most part and doesn’t get in the way of the enjoyment factor at all.

This is the kind of Black Metal that it’s easy to like; even within the given framework Lysura provide enough variety and interest to sustain and have enough depth of composition to ensure they aren’t written off lightly.

They have yet to release a full album, but when they do it’ll probably by a stormer.

Check this out.

Streaming here –

Flesh Born – Han (Review)

Flesh BornComing from the US Flesh Born are set to unleash their latest EP on the world.

This is screaming Hardcore with a Black Metal feel; dark and Blackened moods with sharp riffs all packaged in very short songs designed to pierce the minds of the weak.

The Blackened riffs are layered with high pitched screams while the Hardcore sensibility keeps things from veering to far into Black Metal territory and ensures the tracks last only as long as they need to.

Eight tracks, 11 minutes; this was never going to be pretty. Having said that though Flash Born do find time for less abrasive and more emotive riffs in their arsenal of pain.

Even with the short length of the songs the band make ample room for some slower riffs with the guitars lazily spreading misery and hardship like a virus. The aptly named Gloom is a perfect example of the art of Blackened Doom, cut short.

If you haven’t encountered Flesh Born before this is an enjoyable introduction to them. If they ever get around to releasing a full album it will be really interesting to see what they do with it.

Desecresy – Chasmic Transcendence (Review)

DesecresyDesecresy are from Finland and this is their third album of Death Metal.

One of the first things that strikes me is the singer’s vocals – they’re very full and ragged growls that don’t particularly sound human.

The music is relatively slow for Death Metal and has quite a few Doom/dirge elements to it, as well as the normal blast beats being in attendance, of course.

There is a distinctly otherworldly quality to the songs, especially when the leads take the fore; quite an impressive achievement considering the short duration of the tracks. The songs are very enjoyable and easily wash over you in a tide of grimy distortion and guttural malevolence.

A thick, dense, murky sound means the songs sound even more oblique than they might otherwise do. Add this to the bestial vocals and the unnatural atmospheres the band create and you have an album that is not your run-of-the-mill Death Metal.

Think Six Feet Under with more Doom, more filth and a bit of eeriness. Yes that’s right.

It’s heavy and it’s good. Give them a listen.

Horrid – Sacrilegious Fornication (Review)

HorridVeterans Horrid are from Italy and play Death Metal, this is their third album.

What we get here is unholy Death Metal powered by the Old-School and capable of conjuring all manner of lost and forgotten riffs.

Horrid are brutal and sinister at the same time. Imagine a band like Incantation messing around with Celtic Frost riffs whilst throwing in the odd lick from Death and Entombed – this is the land that Horrid stalk and they rule here absolutely.

Cavernous, guttural vocals invoke dark blasphemies while the Metal flares up around them. Horrid create feelings of unforgiving blackness and bleak rituals.

Awakening in a crypt, chained and bound; you are roughly manhandled onto a slab of shaped granite, your captors uncaring of your discomfort or the marks they are leaving. Masked acolytes surround you, the glint of a blade…

How Horrid.

Occult Death Metal played by true devotees.

Hashed Out – Hashed Out (Review)

Hashed OutHashed Out are from Canada and play angry Hardcore.

This is violent music that’s noisy and Crusty. A hint of Grind, a smattering of Metallic fury, a good Hardcore base and even a touch of Sludge here and there – Hashed Out play music that’s full of rage and bile.

The singer shouts and spews vitriol across the 6 tracks and keeps the intensity up for the full 15 minutes playing time.

The songs may be short and furious but they have some hooks in them that keep you coming back for more. This reminds me of a more extreme version of some of the 90’s Metallic Hardcore bands like My Own Victim; the sense of songwriting that’s heavy but still catchy is similar, only with added Crust, filth and blasting.

Think of a Punk band swallowed by Eyehategod and powered by Grinding Crust. The songs stick around and the singer in particular is very memorable. In a sea of mediocrity Hashed Out stand tall.

This is an EP worth getting hold of.

Rude – Soul Recall (Review)

RudeRude are from the US and play Old-School Death Metal through and through. This is their début.

This is the kind of lumbering, rolling Death Metal that’s easy to like and full of good intentions. It’s an instantly familiar style of music and all of the hallmarks are in place for it to be a very welcoming listen.

Death, Autopsy, etc. – the usual reference points. This is not to belittle Rude, but they play a very specific genre of music so if you’re familiar with the greats you know what to expect here, and Rude deliver the goods.

The vocals have an unusual tint to them that sounds as if they’re scraping and tearing the singer’s throat raw on their way out of his mouth. Hopefully this isn’t the case, but you know what they say about suffering for your art…

The band have managed to capture that classic Death Metal sound from yesteryear and exploit this to the full with the crashing, fill-happy drums, prime riffage and widdly bass.

This is 44 minutes of enjoyable music played by people with a love of the genre and who know how to handle the material and do it justice. Have a listen to Soul Recall.

Interview with Narbeleth

Narbeleth Logo

Coming from Cuba and about to unleash A Hatred Manifesto, Narbeleth mean business. This is real Black Metal, unforced and ready to rage. I braved the darkness to find out more…

Give us a bit of background to Narbeleth

HAIL! NARBELETH was born back in 2008. At that time I played guitar on my previous band ANCESTOR, but I had many ideas that were out of this band concept, so I decided to create my own project. From the beginning NARBELETH was supposed to be a only a studio band, but two years later I decided to give a concert, and since then I’ve played in some occasions. To the date I’ve released “Dark Primitive Cult” demo, “Diabolus Incarnatus” album, “Hail Black Metal!” Ep, and now is almost out “A Hatred Manifesto”, the 2nd album.

What are your influences?

My influences come from the early Scandinavian Black Metal mainly. BATHROY, DARKTHRONE, ARCKANUM, JUDAS ISCARIOT, early TORMENTOR, LORD BELIAL, are among my main inspirations.

What are you listening to at the moment that you would like to recommend?

These days I’m listening to SKOGEN, SKYFORGER, DEAD TO THIS WORLD, DEMONICAL, NORTHERN PLAGUE, CRAFT, KULT, WARDRUNA… Bands that worth to check out for sure if you haven’t yet!

How do you feel about the wider Black Metal scene?

Yes, the Black Metal scene has become wider in the last years, and that’s good from the point of view of a revival of the essence in bands that create this art based in the early concept of it. Now, what is disgusting is all this trend of new suicidal and depressive Black Metal, and that’s so lame!!!! Black Metal is about strength, about supremacy of the individual and his power to grow up spiritually and become whatever you want, without any boundaries or limits.

Did you have any particular aims when you started to put together A Hatred Manifesto?

Absolutely! First of all, I wanted to get a better sound quality, and that’s one of the reasons this album delayed more than I was predicted; and also I wanted to go a little further with this albums that what I accomplished with the previous releases, and Folter Records gave me this opportunity.

Narbeleth OneAre you happy with how it turned out?

I am very happy with the general result; with the album itself, in all aspects, and with the release and work by Folter Records.

Tell us about the lyrics and themes running through the release

My lyrics are about Black Metal, about my life, and my vision of the world and how religions lead humanity to a cliff by creating intellectual barriers to people. I write about the freedom and the power every human have inside to be greater every day.

How do you write your songs?

First I compose riffs using the guitar; maybe I do a complete song, maybe I make a riff and then it fits to a previous recorded one… that depends on my inspiration. Then, when I have the whole song I do the drums and finally the lyrics

Did the recording process go smoothly?

Yes, it was slow, but efficiently. I work when I feel inspired and with no pressure so all can flow spontaneously and the most natural. I don’t like to force the creative process.

How do you see your sound/direction developing in the future?

NARBELETH’s sound is what you know already, and that will be the path to follow in the future. Black Metal is the lead, and I will follow it step by step always in NARBELETH.

What’s next for Narbeleth?

Right now I’m preparing to perform at the mighty Under the Black Sun festival next July, so see you all there raising fists and horns in the name of Black Metal. After I return from Europe I will begin to compose for the next album.


Incarnated – Try Before Die (Review)

IncarnatedThis is Polish Brutal Death Metal band Incarnated’s third album.

Incarnated are all about the pure brutality and the sickening smashing and blasting. They are the kind of band that revel in gore and gruesome, still-living dissections.

This is heavy and fast. The drums show no mercy and the vocals are deeper than a well of blood.

The guitarists play like their life depends on it. Rather unusually for Brutal Death metal of this style they pretty much have the Swedish Death Metal sound to their guitars; all chainsaw sounding but mangled by the non-Swedish styled riffing. It sounds great don’t get me wrong, just a little incongruous at first; like Dismember playing Goregrind/Exhumed/Aborted covers almost. It’s a good way to differentiate themselves from the bloody masses however, and it gets my vote.

The songs are relentless and continuously march forwards propelled by the untiring efforts of the superhuman drummer. Occasional spurts of melody or solos leak out of the mashed up corpse only to be stemmed quickly and efficiently lest the victim expire too soon.

I must say I’m enjoying this. The songs are satisfyingly extreme and they hit that sweet spot reserved for quality Metal only.

If you like Brutal Death Metal then you should eat this up. Open wide.