Y-Incision/Treasonist – Mechanical Perdition – Split (Review)

Y-Incision Treasonist - Mechanical Perdition - SplitBoth hailing from the US, Y-Incision and Treasonist each play variants of grindcore.

Y-Incision open the split with 10 minutes of material – 6 songs, one of which is a Treasonist cover. Continue reading “Y-Incision/Treasonist – Mechanical Perdition – Split (Review)”

Haemorrhage – We Are the Gore (Review)

HaemorrhageThis is the seventh album from legendary Spanish goregrinders Haemorrhage.

This is 35 minutes of unhinged medical mayhem. However, the band also know the virtue of restraint when necessary, as sometimes the applied force of a surgical strike is more effective than a chainsaw to the guts. Continue reading “Haemorrhage – We Are the Gore (Review)”

Tibosity – Bimbocracia (Review)

TibosityTibosity are a Spanish Grind band and this is their second album.

This is ugly Goregrind that favours a big ol’ groovy approach to its carnage, rather than the ultra-fast method.

The vocals are mainly of the sick-sounding pignoise-style that can be so hit and miss at times. Here the singer has just the right amount of grit and roughness to his voice to make it work for me. Higher screams also appear, and these sound knife-thin.

So – groove. As stated. Groove-based Goregrind, although definitely not unheard of, is still fairly uncommon, especially when done in a, (relatively), catchy way as it is on Bimbocracia. Some parts of these songs wouldn’t be out of place on the latest Modern Metal release, apart from the less-polished production and depraved vocals, of course.

Tibosity also have a playful side to them, albeit one that finds joy in fingering the corpses of dead fat people, but you get the idea. It adds a certain appeal and character to the music without descending into the realms of worthless comedy-Grind.

So give Tibosity a listen and see if they tickle your fancy.

Analkholic – After Party – Shit Stinks (Review)

AnalkholicAnalkaholic are from New Caledonia and play Grindcore. This is their début album.

Analkholic play utterly extreme Goregrind in the Regurgitate style, and they do it with copious amounts of bodily fluids and an excess of brutality.

The songs are short and single-minded in their approach to Grind. This is not a band who experiment or innovate, this is a band who want to find the limits of extremity and then go beyond them.

Blistering blast beats and hyper-aggressive guitars burst from the speakers to beat you senseless. The band realise the danger of becoming one-dimensional too, so it’s not all played at full-speed; they also include sections that are more Punk-oriented or groovy in their assault.

The guttural pig-noise grunts are a thing of depraved torture and the singer sounds like he’s a slaughtered animal somehow stuck between life and death at the moment of agony. I’m not always a massive fan of this kind of vocal style, but here it fits the music so well and it just works.

These tracks are actually quite well written. I say “actually” as it’s easy to write off music like this as mindless brutality and be done with it. Of course, there is that element of their sound for sure, but there are also some pretty decent riffs and vocal patterns on this release; rather than just covering themselves in human waste and bashing the instruments as hard as they can, (which I’m sure they do from time to time), Analkholic seem to know what they’re actually doing. There are some really good bass parts on the album too, which is always a pleasure to hear.

A disgustingly wet and warm way to spend 27 minutes. Give them a listen and get ready to Grind one out.

Smothered Bowels – Thorax Driller (Review)

Smothered BowelsThis is the début album from Russian Grindcore band Smothered Bowels.

9 tracks in 21 minutes; Smothered Bowels waste no time with bringing the brutality and the blasting heaviness.

Featuring extreme pignoise vocals in addition to the odd incoherent scream, this is Grind that combines Goregrind and Deathgrind into one heaving mass of bloody chunks.

The Death Metal influence is apparent from some of the riffs and the occasional guitar solo. This is combined with the brutal extremity of Goregrind to create an album that teeters on the Death Metal brink but never quite fully converts.

There’s enough blurring between the similar genres to provide Smothered Bowels with an interesting foundation on which to lay their house of carnage.

The songs make use of Death Metal’s dynamics and Grind’s blasting insanity to create tracks that recall the top quality work of bands like Circle of Dead Children and Plague Widow. Both are firm favourites of mine so that’s a high compliment.

Smothered Bowels have put together a really enjoyable release that avoids the trap of one dimensionality by employing good songwriting and an impassioned bludgeoning.

An impressive first foray into the Grindcore underworld. Hopefully this will not be overlooked, and doubly-hopefully the band’s next release will be even better, as this is pretty damn good already.

False Pregnancy – Dance Your Meat Off!!! (Review)

False PregnancyFalse Pregnancy are from Estonia and this is their début album. They play Grindcore.

Take a look at the album cover. What’s going on there then?

This is Goregrind. Sorry, I didn’t quite say that loud enough. This is GOREGRIND!!!

There. Now you know.

The band themselves are even less subtle than that.

Heavy, malignant guitars stab out whilst sickening pignoise vocals vomit disgust over everything. You already know what you’re getting into when you listen to a band like this, but each brand of disease is individual and False Pregnancy certainly warrant their own strain.

Here we have 14 songs in 18 minutes, so you know that the tracks are short, violent and crushingly brutal. The band are actually heavier than a lot of Grind bands due to the thick presence of the guitars. It works well with the style and Dance Your Meat Off!!! has plenty of substance.

I like that the band inject a bit of variety into their assault. Sure, it’s all Goregrind, so there’s only so much variety you can have, but within the genre parameters they play the field widely with different tempos and riff choices.

The vocals are a highlight. It may be dirty pignoise but it sounds great and the vocal patterns used are satisfying and nicely paced.

This is definitely above average Grind and False Pregnancy should be on every Grinder’s wishlist.

Get ready to dance.

Putrid Offal – Mature Necropsy (Review)

Putrid OffalPutrid Offal are from France and this is their début album. They play Deathgrind.

A mere couple of decades or so since they first formed, this début album is long overdue.

The band have a strong modern and professional production that makes their short bursts of carnage sound immense.

I do enjoy a good bit of Deathgrind; I like the winning combination of short, violent music with the added brutal riffing of Death Metal that allows for a bit more depth and variety than some purely Grindcore bands offer. This describes Putrid Offal well as they strike a good balance between the two styles throughout the 29 minutes playing time.

The band play rhythmic Deathgrind with enough blast to keep anyone happy. A good selection of riffs are deployed mercilessly and the fun never ends. It’s not all blood and gore though as they insert a few interesting ideas here and there to keep things fresh, such as the background choral chants on Garroting Way or the atmospheric melodics on Repulsive Corpse.

The deep growls are surgical in their assault; they’re focused, tight and sound supremely confident. Higher, wet screams join the party on occasion as well because who doesn’t enjoy some quality throat-shredding?

Sounding absurdly relevant and energised, this is Goregrind for the 21st century; assured, devastating and murderously capable.

Best get out of their way, as Putrid Offal have come to carve up the opposition.

Jig-Ai – Rising Sun Carnage (Review)

Jig-AiJig-Ai are from the Czech Republic and this is their third album.

This is utterly brutal Grindcore in the vein of Regurgitate’s style of Goregrind.

The vocals are deeper than a pit full of pig corpses, although you can occasionally hear higher screams coming from the bottom of the heap.

The band play brutally fast with the guitars being hammered and the drums tearing off left, right and centre. They are also aware that a full album of that can potentially get dull so they inject slower, groovier moments into places that need them.

At just under 40 minutes this is on the long side for a Grind release and the constant onslaught of gore and butchery will probably put some people off. However, although it won’t set the world on fire, if you are a hardened Grinder there are some nice cuts on this release.

If you like Goregind then this is ably played and competently delivered.

Have a listen and see what you think.

Favourite Track: Rest in Piss. Quality riffing and some nice groove.

Incarnated – Try Before Die (Review)

IncarnatedThis is Polish Brutal Death Metal band Incarnated’s third album.

Incarnated are all about the pure brutality and the sickening smashing and blasting. They are the kind of band that revel in gore and gruesome, still-living dissections.

This is heavy and fast. The drums show no mercy and the vocals are deeper than a well of blood.

The guitarists play like their life depends on it. Rather unusually for Brutal Death metal of this style they pretty much have the Swedish Death Metal sound to their guitars; all chainsaw sounding but mangled by the non-Swedish styled riffing. It sounds great don’t get me wrong, just a little incongruous at first; like Dismember playing Goregrind/Exhumed/Aborted covers almost. It’s a good way to differentiate themselves from the bloody masses however, and it gets my vote.

The songs are relentless and continuously march forwards propelled by the untiring efforts of the superhuman drummer. Occasional spurts of melody or solos leak out of the mashed up corpse only to be stemmed quickly and efficiently lest the victim expire too soon.

I must say I’m enjoying this. The songs are satisfyingly extreme and they hit that sweet spot reserved for quality Metal only.

If you like Brutal Death Metal then you should eat this up. Open wide.

Gutslit – Skewered in the Sewer (Review)

gutslitBrutal, slamming Death Metal from India with lashings of gore and a sprinkling of torture.

This is a nicely barbaric release. Plenty of blasting and chugging to set the heart racing. They’re not afraid to inject some nice leads into the mix on the odd occasion to augment the punishing rhythms and slamming nature of the rest of the music.

The vocals are low and guttural, descending to the level of pure pig-noise on occasion. Sometimes it sounds like the vocal equivalent of taking a sander to someone’s face. It may not sound pleasant but it works.

Sometimes this form of Brutal Death Metal/Death Grind/Gore Grind/etc. can sound quite generic and average, but Gutslit are better than that. It’s not due to a radical departure in sound or style, but simply a good ear for dynamics and songs. This is Death Metal that is almost catchy while it’s pulverising you. Think Gorerotted for the right kind of idea.

I like this, a lot. It has all of the ingredients of a satisfying album, and at 26 minutes long it’s a quick, easy listen. Of course these things are all relative. To the average person on the street this would be a Hellish torture session of epic proportions. But that’s just the way we like it. This kind of music was not designed for the wider public. This is Death Metal and this is for us.

Favourite Track: Haemorrhoidal Brain Custard. I defy you to sit still when this is playing.