Mortuous – Upon Desolation (Review)

Mortuous - Upon DesolationThis is the second album from US death metallers Mortuous.

Featuring current and ex-members of bands like Exhumed, Necrot, Rude, Swamp Witch, and VastumUpon Desolation contains 38 minutes of brutal doom-infected death metal carnage. Continue reading “Mortuous – Upon Desolation (Review)”

Rude – Remnants… (Review)

RudeThis is the second album from US death metallers Rude.

2014’s Soul Recall was a thoroughly enjoyable slab of old-school death metal. The band have now returned with a new album, ready to crush all those that would oppose their classic death metal onslaught. Continue reading “Rude – Remnants… (Review)”

Rude – Soul Recall (Review)

RudeRude are from the US and play Old-School Death Metal through and through. This is their début.

This is the kind of lumbering, rolling Death Metal that’s easy to like and full of good intentions. It’s an instantly familiar style of music and all of the hallmarks are in place for it to be a very welcoming listen.

Death, Autopsy, etc. – the usual reference points. This is not to belittle Rude, but they play a very specific genre of music so if you’re familiar with the greats you know what to expect here, and Rude deliver the goods.

The vocals have an unusual tint to them that sounds as if they’re scraping and tearing the singer’s throat raw on their way out of his mouth. Hopefully this isn’t the case, but you know what they say about suffering for your art…

The band have managed to capture that classic Death Metal sound from yesteryear and exploit this to the full with the crashing, fill-happy drums, prime riffage and widdly bass.

This is 44 minutes of enjoyable music played by people with a love of the genre and who know how to handle the material and do it justice. Have a listen to Soul Recall.