Lysura – II (Review)

LysuraComing form the US, Lysura play Black Metal and this is their latest release.

II has two tracks, each clocking in at 8:41. This is Dissection-inspired Black Metal with a hint of Emperor.

Seasons in Exile starts off with some soft sounds and a gruff spoken voice barely audible. This slowly and inexorably builds to a rather grand set of riffs and noises reminiscent of Enslaved.

Once the song speeds up the screeching high vocals take the fore and we’re in icy cold territory with some bleak melodics and just a subtle hint of Thrash. Some Doom and even proto-Death Metal passages are allowed into the song enhancing it with their presence.

The second track Tome of Suppression starts with a rumbling, chuggy groove with razor blade vocals propelling it forwards before dropping off into lighter atmospherics with some almost 70’s noodling going on. Things soon get heavy again and add in a few Classic Metal riffs and we’re good to go.

The track demonstrates Lysura’s competence in weaving in small snippets of other genres into their sound without neglecting or weakening the Black Metal core that they’re founded on. Like the first one, this track is a winner.

II has a good energy about it and the band seem comfortable with their songwriting skills, even throwing in solos and leads.

Although this is billed as a demo the sound quality is perfectly fine for the most part and doesn’t get in the way of the enjoyment factor at all.

This is the kind of Black Metal that it’s easy to like; even within the given framework Lysura provide enough variety and interest to sustain and have enough depth of composition to ensure they aren’t written off lightly.

They have yet to release a full album, but when they do it’ll probably by a stormer.

Check this out.

Streaming here –

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