Sumerlands – Dreamkiller (Review)

Sumerlands - DreamkillerThis is the second album from US heavy metallers Sumerlands.

Featuring a member of Vestal Claret, Dreamkiller contains 35 minutes of traditional heavy metal and AOR songwriting smarts. Continue reading “Sumerlands – Dreamkiller (Review)”

Monolith – Dystopia (Review)

MonolithThis is the début album from Germany’s Psychedelic Doomsters Monolith.

This is Black Sabbath-inspired Doom Metal with a healthy Psychedelic component.

The album cover and the sound that the band have conspire to increase the overall impression of a spaced-out jam with lots of shining surfaces and dubious substances.

Dystopia is catchy and has plenty of hooks. The solos, leads and riffs are all fully realised and the bass is an important part of the overall feel of the songs.

The singer does his best Ozzy Osbourne impression but it fits the music perfectly and with the music being so laid back and glittering with Psychedelia no-one can really complain.

The most important thing about this release is the songs themselves. They’ve clearly been put together by a band who have a love of the genre and are passionate about what they do. These are class songs that will have you humming the tunes in your head for days to come.

Give them a listen and I dare you not to enjoy it.