Nightrage – Abyss Rising (Review)

Nightrage - Abyss RisingNightrage are a melodic death metal band from Greece/Sweden and this is their ninth album.

I missed 2019’s Wolf to Man, but caught and enjoyed 2017’s The Venomous. Back now with 39 minutes of new material, Nightrage are firing on all cylinders and sound ready to take on the world.

Nightrage are running tight and lean on Abyss Rising, and only one track breaches the 4-minute mark. The songs are well-written and great examples of the Swedish melodic death metal style. Focusing on providing the listener with a feast of catchy choruses and melodic hooks, the songs are easily digested and  satisfying. With songs that are energetic, fast-paced, and aggressive, Abyss Rising is a colourful shot of adrenaline, (and perfect for your gym playlist).

Although it’s easy to fixate on the band’s melodic might or the singer’s well-delivered acidic screams, it’s important to also pay attention to many of the brutally efficient riffs too. The band have the full package though, and none of the musicians or performances can be faulted. All of the ingredients are in place for Nightrage’s recipe to result in some real tasty treats, and the band do not disappoint.

Of the vocals, the singer’s screams are perfect for the music. He occasionally also uses a deeper version of them too, and his vocals are also augmented here and there with some tastefully performed cleans.

My only real criticism of the album is the two interludes and final outro, all of which could have, (and should have), been cut, like all such filler tracks. Still, a minor concern when they’re surrounded by good songs.

I knew Nightrage would produce something good, but I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as good as this is. Nightrage know how to pen a good tune, and this album is full of them. Abyss Rising is the sound of a talented band hitting it out of the park. If you’re a fan of the style, don’t miss out on this, as there’s a lot here to enjoy.

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