Sumerlands – Dreamkiller (Review)

Sumerlands - DreamkillerThis is the second album from US heavy metallers Sumerlands.

Featuring a member of Vestal Claret, Dreamkiller contains 35 minutes of traditional heavy metal and AOR songwriting smarts.

Dreamkiller is an album without bloat; eight songs, no filler, all rousing songs and anthemic charisma..

The old-school 80s rock/metal scene is very effectively channelled by Sumerlands, so much so that you might start to wonder if they haven’t discovered a time machine of some sort. Much of this material could have come straight off of an Ozzy Osbourne album. Throw in some Scorpions and Queensrÿche, and you have a good idea of what Dreamkiller has to offer.

The songs are well-written and full of hooks. Anthemic and catchy, they’re focused, potent, and hit the spot nicely. Synth-enriched, and with a pinch of doom metal elements, a definite rock edge, and a decent a dose of power metal, Dreamkiller has plenty of meaty content for classic metal fans to get their teeth into.

Dreamkiller is an enjoyable and satisfying hit of nostalgia. Well-performed and wrapped in authenticity, the album is an effortlessly good listen for anyone that yearns for those 80s metal sounds.

A recommended listen.

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