Haemorrhage – We Are the Gore (Review)

HaemorrhageThis is the seventh album from legendary Spanish goregrinders Haemorrhage.

This is 35 minutes of unhinged medical mayhem. However, the band also know the virtue of restraint when necessary, as sometimes the applied force of a surgical strike is more effective than a chainsaw to the guts.

Here’s a band that effectively embody almost all eras of abusive grindcore. They do have a predilection for the older styles, but they essentially incorporate almost every type of grinding influence into their bloody work, from the old-school to the new.

Think a blistering blend of Carcass, Regurgitate, Aborted, Impaled, Exhumed, etc. and you’ll be on the right lines. It’s fast, nasty, and full of brutal sharpness. It’s also, however, not without streamlined melody or decent, catchy riffs, which is one of the many reasons that Haemorrhage are lifted above many of their peers; they know how to write a good song.

The tracks are well-recorded and clinically precise, which is what you would want from this demented surgical hit squad. We Are the Gore has the sonic chops to stop you in your tracks and nail you down to the cutting floor, before the band truly let loose with their musical malevolence and unleash their blood-hungry grooves and blasting terror on you.

If you’re a fan of gore-soaked grindcore then We Are the Gore is a premiere example of how to play it right. Brutality, melody, and sick vocals; what more could you want?

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