Y-Incision/Treasonist – Mechanical Perdition – Split (Review)

Y-Incision Treasonist - Mechanical Perdition - SplitBoth hailing from the US, Y-Incision and Treasonist each play variants of grindcore.

Y-Incision open the split with 10 minutes of material – 6 songs, one of which is a Treasonist cover.

Y-Incision’s grindcore mixes eras and styles together into a virulent, upbeat pot. It then consumes this eagerly, and vomits it everywhere. Ranging from old-school grind and punk to more contemporary goregrind, these tracks fly by in fits of blast beats and piercing vocals.

The band’s music is raw and nasty, but not without skill. They seem to have a decent ear for riffs and rhythms, and aren’t afraid to throw a good solo in now and again. In fact, some of the guitar parts on these songs are really quite enjoyable, more so than a lot of ostensibly similar grindcore bands. Once you get past the vicious assault that the band smash you in the face with, there’s some decent songwriting going on here powering the music forward.

Ones to watch.

Treasonist give us 11 minutes of music spread over 7 tracks, one of which is a Y-Incision cover, returning that band’s Treasonist cover in kind.

Treasonist walk more of a deathgrind path than Y-Incision, and their side of the split is punishing and brutal. Although Treasonist take influence from the old-school grindcore greats, Y-Incision’s style is more of a modern battering. Referencing a mix of bands such as Terrorizer, Misery Index, and Pig Destroyer, with hints of Exhumed, sets the scene nicely.

Mid-paced and heavy, there’s some crushing material here alongside the faster parts that you would expect. The death metal aspects of the sound provide belligerent restraint and focused aggression, while the grinding punk elements allow for violence to be unleashed whenever and wherever necessary. Taken together, these sides of the band allow for short songs of intensity to be created and unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

Overall this is a quality split from two bands previously unknown to me. I recommend checking this out to get your grindcore fix.

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