Analkholic – After Party – Shit Stinks (Review)

AnalkholicAnalkaholic are from New Caledonia and play Grindcore. This is their début album.

Analkholic play utterly extreme Goregrind in the Regurgitate style, and they do it with copious amounts of bodily fluids and an excess of brutality.

The songs are short and single-minded in their approach to Grind. This is not a band who experiment or innovate, this is a band who want to find the limits of extremity and then go beyond them.

Blistering blast beats and hyper-aggressive guitars burst from the speakers to beat you senseless. The band realise the danger of becoming one-dimensional too, so it’s not all played at full-speed; they also include sections that are more Punk-oriented or groovy in their assault.

The guttural pig-noise grunts are a thing of depraved torture and the singer sounds like he’s a slaughtered animal somehow stuck between life and death at the moment of agony. I’m not always a massive fan of this kind of vocal style, but here it fits the music so well and it just works.

These tracks are actually quite well written. I say “actually” as it’s easy to write off music like this as mindless brutality and be done with it. Of course, there is that element of their sound for sure, but there are also some pretty decent riffs and vocal patterns on this release; rather than just covering themselves in human waste and bashing the instruments as hard as they can, (which I’m sure they do from time to time), Analkholic seem to know what they’re actually doing. There are some really good bass parts on the album too, which is always a pleasure to hear.

A disgustingly wet and warm way to spend 27 minutes. Give them a listen and get ready to Grind one out.