Tibosity – Bimbocracia (Review)

TibosityTibosity are a Spanish Grind band and this is their second album.

This is ugly Goregrind that favours a big ol’ groovy approach to its carnage, rather than the ultra-fast method.

The vocals are mainly of the sick-sounding pignoise-style that can be so hit and miss at times. Here the singer has just the right amount of grit and roughness to his voice to make it work for me. Higher screams also appear, and these sound knife-thin.

So – groove. As stated. Groove-based Goregrind, although definitely not unheard of, is still fairly uncommon, especially when done in a, (relatively), catchy way as it is on Bimbocracia. Some parts of these songs wouldn’t be out of place on the latest Modern Metal release, apart from the less-polished production and depraved vocals, of course.

Tibosity also have a playful side to them, albeit one that finds joy in fingering the corpses of dead fat people, but you get the idea. It adds a certain appeal and character to the music without descending into the realms of worthless comedy-Grind.

So give Tibosity a listen and see if they tickle your fancy.

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