Cerebral Rot – Excretion of Mortality (Review)

Cerebral Rot - Excretion of MortalityThis is the second album from US death metallers Cerebral Rot.

Sometimes all you need in order to feel a bit better about life is a slab of good, old-fashioned death metal, the sort that reeks of disgusting foulness and rotting ugliness. 2019’s Odious Descent into Decay was exactly ones such record. Now we have the 47 minutes of horror that is Excretion of Mortality, and it hits the spot very well indeed.

This is underground death metal made of sickening hooks and festering riffs. The music is as gross and bloody as the album cover is. Yet, just like a good horror film, it keeps pulling the listener back for more.

Cerebral Rot’s classic songwriting method is satisfying and never disappoints. The band’s brutal barbarism is successful due to its heartfelt enthusiasm and an ear for a good song. Overall these new tracks are longer and more grotesque than the ones on the band’s debut album, and this approach fits Cerebral Rot like a decaying glove. Their melodic side is well-developed too, working in concert with the rest of the music to create macabre atmospheres thick enough to cut. The band have a good formula going on here.

It’s a cavernous, terrifying journey into Cerebral Rot’s world. The guitars are ominous and doom-filled, crushing the listener with riffs the size of skinned elephants. Churning grooves turn to blast beats just when you think they’re never going to end, and gloomy, doomy slower parts drain the life from you with relentless inevitability. Sinister melodies frighten the unwary with the promise of hidden nightmares, while deep, monstrous growls threaten to swallow your soul.

I love Cerebral Rot’s grasp of old-school doom and death metal, it has to be said.

If filthy, brutal, doom-laden, old-school death metal is your thing, then you absolutely must cover yourself in the entrails of Excretion of Mortality.

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