Monthly Overview – the Best of November 2019

What an unreasonably strong month for metal releases November was! Be assured, this list could have been much, much bigger. Let’s see what made the cut…

Unfathomable Ruination - Enraged and Unbound

Let us start with the sheer brutality of Enraged and Unbound by Unfathomable Ruination. This album is a brutal death metal tour de force, containing monstrous songs of sheer destructive power. Rich in aggressive delights and ferocious in delivery, Enraged and Unbound is a feast of satisfying brutality.

Midnight Odyssey - Biolume Part 1 - In Tartarean Chains

We now turn to the epic atmospheric black metal of Midnight Odyssey. Biolume Part 1 – In Tartarean Chains is a lengthy exploration of wide-ranging mood and texture in the form of blackened art. Highly immersive and affecting, this is music to get lost in. The artist behind Midnight Odyssey never disappoints.

Rosk - Remnants

On Remnants Rosk have forgone their post-black metal in favour of a more intimate and highly emotive acoustic approach. This change of style was unexpected, but has paid off handsomely. Remnants is one of this year’s most surprising and powerful listens. Essential.

Iapetus - The Body Cosmic

Iapetus‘ second album The Body Cosmic is a feast of technical, progressive, and melodic death metal. There’s so much here to take in that it’s hard to digest it all even after multiple listens. There’s no doubt that this is a superlative album, however, one that demands your attention, and holds it easily.

Slow - VI - Dantalion

DOOOOOOOOOOM! Funeral doom, in fact. Hugely atmospheric weapons-grade funeral doom, to be even more specific. I’m referring, of course, to the new Slow album VI – Dantalion. Hypnotically enticing and completely immersive, Slow have really outdone themselves here. Bleakly beautiful.

Schammasch - Hearts of No Light

A highly anticipated release, Schammasch‘s Hearts of No Light threw a few curveballs, but still ended up being one of November’s many highlights. Continuing to forge their own path into the blackened wilderness, this latest release is an extremely enjoyable journey into the world of this talented band.

Blood Incantation - Hidden History of the Human Race

November saw the release of another highly anticipated album – Hidden History of the Human Race by Blood Incantation. Doubling down on everything that made their earlier work so compelling, this is a death metal album for the ages. Depth, atmosphere, and brutality combined.

Teeth - The Curse of Entropy

The gnashing, hideously violent grinding dissonant death metal of Teeth reared its foul head in November to unleash the crushingly intense The Curse of Entropy. Operating at the top of their grisly game, this album is a shot of adrenaline and a shot of poison both at the same time.

Misery Loves Co. - Zero

After a mere 19-year absence, November saw the return of industrial metallers Misery Loves Co. with their much-anticipated Zero. The obvious thing to say is that it has been worth the wait, but it really has. Zero is such an enjoyable album that continues the band’s legacy, while also moving it forward.

Brume - Rabbits

We’ll end with the beautiful and emotive doom of Brume‘s Rabbits. Brume have outdone themselves on their new album, producing music that speaks to the heart and well as the head. Carefully crafted and skilfully delivered, Rabbits is an utterly fantastic record that deserves to be heard far and wide.

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