Blood Incantation – Starspawn (Review)

Blood IncantationThis is the debut album from US death metal band Blood Incantation.

Blood Incantation play death metal with plenty of atmosphere and technical skill. This is a band who have gazed towards the night sky, saw the vast darkness, and pay homage to that empty malevolence via the medium of underground music that’s less restricted and more expansive than your average death metal band.

These songs are layered through and through with mood, melody and inter-dimensional exploration. Starspawn has a warm, analogue sound that provides the band’s occult, astral material with a lot of nuance and earthiness. The tracks rage, dirge and everything in-between.

Blood Incantation inject their music with a decent amount of variety, and pepper their atmospheric death metal with doom, drone and ambient influences. Starspawn comes across as a star-gazing mix of Morbid Angel, Death, Mithras, Incantation, Demilich and Ævangelist.

Vocally, it’s as if the band have summoned an actual daemon to provide Hellish vocalisations to accompany their playing. He truly sounds more otherworldly creature than man, growling and roaring through the depths of the music’s misty extravagances.

In interesting and effective album that you probably won’t always be in the mood for; be sure to have a listen to them it see what you think.

Favourite Track: Hidden Species (Vitrification of Blood Part 2). The apotheosis of their art. Stunning.

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