Teeth – The Curse of Entropy (Review)

Teeth - The Curse of EntropyTeeth are a death metal/grindcore band from the US, and this is their second album.

A new Teeth album! I’ve been following this band ever since their debut album Unremittance was unleashed in 2014. After that, we had their very tasty split with Fister, and then the downright delicious split with Barghest. Unlike the latter, with its single sprawling track, this new release contains some of the band’s shortest material overall, with each track averaging 2-3 minutes in duration.

Punishing and brutal, but in an individual and distinctive way, Teeth originally stood out from the crowds with their incorporation of sludge, doom, and grind elements into their brand of dissonant death metal. Not just this, but the way that they used these elements too, twisting them to their will.

This new album is more focused and concise than some of their previous work, as it seems that the band have chosen to concentrate on their harsher, nastier deathgrind side on The Curse of Entropy. That’s not to say that moments of dark atmosphere and sinister mood don’t appear here and there; Teeth are still a textured beast, and there’s a lot packed into these tracks. Overall, however, the emphasis is very much one of dishing out punishment for the listener to absorb.

Well, this approach seems to have paid off, as The Curse of Entropy is a real scorcher. Filled with material that’s heavy and destructive, while also being incredibly moreish and satisfying, Teeth’s second full length is a triumph.

Oh, and the singer of Gorguts guests on one track too, so there’s that. Top stuff.

Very highly recommended.

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