Groke’s Clan – Vicious Circles (Review)

Groke's ClanGroke’s Clan are a Finnish metal band and this is their debut EP.

This is an interesting and enjoyable release. Blending various different heavy genres into one rocking whole, Vicious Circles showcases a band that are comfortable in their own skin and ready to bring the riffs wherever necessary.

The base style of the band is probably a thrash metal one, but stoner, doom, sludge, and metalcore influences are thrown into the pot at various times too.

The singer has a hardcore quality to his voice that largely comes across as a mix of the singers of Most Precious Blood and Sick of it All, shaded with a bit of At the Gates. The music isn’t too far off this either; think a mix of the aforementioned bands with added bits of Martyrdöd, The Haunted, and Karma to Burn.

Thick riffs and decent melody infest the music as it flows easily from the speakers. The band can be throwing out thrash riffs at one moment, before unleashing a lazy Southern-vibed rock section, before tearing things up with some old-fashioned classic metal leads, or maybe dropping some huge hardcore heaviness. Each song has a firm identity of its own and enough differentiation to easily hold interest, while still being coherent.

Heavy and crisp, with a punchy, professional production, Vicious Circles is an extremely well-rounded and enjoyable listen. The blending of thrash and hardcore with a rockier edge is something that seems to come effortlessly to the band, and if this EP is any indication, great things lie ahead for Groke’s Clan.

This reminds me of the enjoyable hybrid style of bands like Jagged Vision and Dead Ficus, only with more of a sharper thrash edge.

Very impressive. Check this out.

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