Martyrdöd – List (Review)

MartyrdodMartyrdöd are a hardcore band from Sweden. This is their sixth album.

2014’s Elddop was an enjoyable smashing of hardcore, punk, crust, d-beat and metal. List continues this tradition, providing us with a condensed 36 minutes of furious battering.

One of the stand-out features of Martyrdöd’s music is the highly emotive riffs and melodies that they use in their guitars. These work together well, typically taking the form of emotive distortion with melodic leads on top. It’s full of energy and passion.

The singer once again rasps himself hoarse throughout the playing time. Like the music he also has quite the emotive voice. I’ve used that word a few times now to describe Martyrdöd, and it honestly does seem like the best one to use in many ways; the music on List just oozes emotion. Now, don’t misunderstand; this is quite a specific, raw, d-beat, hardcore style of emotion that stays pretty consistent across their material, but it’s still an apt description.

I find that there’s something quite moreish about Martyrdöd. I’m not the biggest fan of the d-beat style for many reasons, but something keeps drawing me back to this band. I’m honestly not sure what it is – they seem to have a little something extra special in their sound, despite, on the surface of it, not being wildly dissimilar to other bands playing the style.

Whatever it is, this quality made me return to Elddop again and again, and it will undoubtedly have the same effect with List.

Check this out.

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