Karma to Burn – Arch Stanton (Review)

Karma to BurnKarma to Burn are from the US and this is their sixth album. They play instrumental Stoner Rock.

Karma to Burn are one of those bands that I’ve been aware of ever since they first came out, but for some reason I’ve never actually heard them. As such, Arch Stanton is my first experience of them.

This is riff-heavy Stoner that is not lessened by the lack of vocals. If anything it improves things as it allows both the band and the listener to concentrate on the music exclusively.

Karma to Burn have an ability to write relatively straightforward Stoner songs that have a good energy and vibrancy to them. They quickly capture the listener’s attention with their riffcraft and easily hold it with emotive fretwork and enjoyable, easy-to-digest songwriting.

The album’s just under 38 minutes long and the playtime just melts away as the band do their thing and the listener gets drawn in.

A thoroughly enjoyable romp through the land of the riff.

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