Igorrr – Savage Sinusoid (Review)

IgorrrIgorrr is a one-man project, (with guests), and this is his fourth album.

How to describe this? It’s not easy. Well, I think I’ll just sidestep the entire issue and call it a metal album and be done with it. Then I’ll run away and hide. So, ‘metal’ loosely covers it in a general sense, I suppose, but what an injustice a simple genre tag can be.

This is an album that’s as insane as the album cover.

Coming across as the bastard son of Atomsmasher, Aphex Twin, Peccatum, 65daysofstatic, Fantômas, and Genghis Tron, this album is an absolute mind-bending mix of extreme metal, noise, classical, and experimental craziness.

Almost any musical genre you can name is represented on this album somewhere. This includes, (but is not limited to), the following – opera, progressive metal, drum & bass, electronica, musical influences from various countries and cultures, technical metal, jazz, noisecore, grindcore, black metal, death metal, trip hop, djent, and many, many more. A multitude of guest musicians and vocalists appear across the songs, (including the singer of Cattle Decapitation), helping to realise the main artist and songwriter’s far-reaching vision of what his music should sound like.

These songs are mastercrafted examples of how to create music that crosses boundaries with ease, and the album shows a healthy disdain for normal musical conventions. Don’t be fooled by the music’s unexpected detours though; everything here has been meticulously examined so that everything is in the right place at the right time for maximum effect. Nothing here has been improvised or left to chance, I’d wager.

It all comes together extremely well and works a treat. This is only possible due to the talents of the man behind the music.

Although undoubtedly a full-on mashup of insanity and diverse tastes, the fact is that Savage Sinusoid is done so very well that the unusual and frequently unpredictable journey it takes you on is definitely one that’s worth taking. It’s hideously impressive. And, if you can handle its eclectic nature, hideously enjoyable.

This is challenging music for people that are not afraid to stray beyond the average. Savage Sinusoid is a magnificent, surreal, sumptuous joy.


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