Soijl – As the Sun Sets on Life (Review)

SoijlSoijl are a Swedish death/doom metal band and this is their second album.

Soijl play atmospheric death/doom, heavy on the atmosphere and crushing weight.

The songs are either slow and substantial, or mid-paced and rumbling, moving unstoppably forward, bathed in misery, despair, and negativity. This is death/doom with an old-school doom metal emphasis and giant, roaring growls.

Subtle keyboards are used sparingly, merely to enhance the already gloomy moods that pervade the release. These add extra texture to the melodic leads and meaty rhythm guitars. Female vocals appear too, for much the same reason.

The winding guitar melodies that are a calling card of atmospheric death/doom are seemingly omnipresent, weaving their dark magic as the songs progress. Well-written and effectively judged, these tracks build atmosphere with ease and emphasise the lost, hopelessness of all of life’s endeavours.

The main growls are extremely satisfying and sound monstrous in their delivery. Occasional screams are unleashed too, but it’s the growls that are the real stars of the show for me.

With a clear, professional recording, this is an album that has a lot of strengths and very few weaknesses.

As far as death/doom goes this is up there with the best of them. As the Sun Sets on Life is a very accomplished album and you should check it out.

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