High on Fire – Electric Messiah (Review)

Electric Messiah - High on FireThis is the eighth album from High on Fire, a US stoner/sludge metal band.

Dark and heavy, Electric Messiah will crush you as soon as you get near it. With thick, weighty grooves and plenty of punishing speed, this is an album of sludgy energy and elemental power.

The music delivers hideously satisfying monstrous riffs and colossal drums over eleven songs of staggeringly heavy music. Punk and hardcore influences infuse the stoner/sludge metal with extra venom, while the occasional slower section simply demolishes everything around it.

Clearly inspired by Motörhead, (although not exclusively), certain songs channel that legendary band quite impressively, while others simply feel elements of them strewn throughout the huge guitars and throaty vocals.

Hitting with the force of a hundred sledgehammers, this is an album largely devoid of nuance or subtlety, but that’s absolutely okay. Who needs subtlety when you’re wielding destructive riffs as weapons? This doesn’t mean the album lacks anything in depth, however, and there’s more than enough reasons on Electric Messiah to keep returning to these songs again and again.

On their latest album High on Fire sound as terrifyingly immense and unforgettable as the album cover. I enjoyed this more than I expected to, and Electric Messiah is a wild, crushingly good ride.

Highly recommended.

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