Nomadic Rituals – Marking the Day (Review)

Nomadic RitualsNomadic Rituals are an Irish doom band and this is their second album.

I’m going to start this review with all of my cards on the table, as they say; this is a great album and Nomadic Rituals deserve to be far higher profile than they currently are.

Now that’s out of the way, we can proceed. Continue reading “Nomadic Rituals – Marking the Day (Review)”

Mourners Lament – We All Be Given (Review)

Mourners LamentMourners Lament are from Chile and this is their debut album. They play doom/death.

If you’re a fan of the old-school Peaceville bands from the UK that made such an impact with their doom/death metal, then Mourners Lament will be right to your tastes. Continue reading “Mourners Lament – We All Be Given (Review)”

Self-Hatred – Theia (Review)

Self-HatredThis is the debut album from Self-Hatred, a doom/death metal band from the Czech Republic.

Self-Hatred are, refreshingly, a little different to your standard doom/death band; this is a slightly more contemporary take on the style than most attempt, although it still recognises and is influenced by the founders of this particular sub-genre. I also like the black metal influences that can be heard creeping into the music here and there, which also give Self-Hatred a different angle of attack than a lot of their peers. Continue reading “Self-Hatred – Theia (Review)”

Uncoffined – Ceremonies of Morbidity (Review)

UncoffinedThis is the second album by Uncoffined, a doom/death band from the UK.

Featuring members of Winds of Genocide, Ceremonies of Morbidity is chock full of long songs and morbid atmospheres, as the title would suggest. Continue reading “Uncoffined – Ceremonies of Morbidity (Review)”

Vanha – Within the Mist of Sorrow (Review)

VanhaVanha are a doom/death metal band from Sweden. This is their debut album.

This is atmospheric doom metal with some death metal elements added in for extra bite, primarily in the vocal department.

Rooted in the old school doom/death style of the 90s, Vanha combine heaviness, melody and sorrowful keyboards to produce an album that manages to crush both physically and emotionally. Continue reading “Vanha – Within the Mist of Sorrow (Review)”

Revelations of Rain – Akrasia (Review)

Revelations of RainRevelations of Rain are a doom/death metal band from Russia. This is their fifth album.

This is music with a richly melodic streak running through it. Taking influence from the classic old-school doom/death bands in the 90s, the band pump out 8 tracks of heavy, emotive metal, full of dark colour and deep impression.

Delivered with a traditional authenticity for this kind of music, Revelations of Rain know Continue reading “Revelations of Rain – Akrasia (Review)”

Doomed – Anna (Review)

DoomedThis is the fifth album from Doomed, a German doom/death one-man project.

Although Doomed are essentially a one-man band, there are also a plethora of different guests on this release helping to flesh out his vision, (including members of Hail of Bullets, 11th Hour and Camel of Doom, apparently). Some of the guest vocal performances enhance and complement the main delivery of the songs, and once again show what an exciting prospect this band is. Continue reading “Doomed – Anna (Review)”

Minenwerfer/1914 – Ich hatt einen Kameraden – Split (Review)

Minenwerfer 1914This is a split between black metallers Minenwerfer from the US and Ukrainian blackened death/doom band 1914.

First up we have Minenwerfer, with 21 minutes of fast and barbaric black metal.

Their side of the split contains four tracks; 3 originals and a re-recording of a song off their debut demo. Continue reading “Minenwerfer/1914 – Ich hatt einen Kameraden – Split (Review)”