Revelations of Rain – Akrasia (Review)

Revelations of RainRevelations of Rain are a doom/death metal band from Russia. This is their fifth album.

This is music with a richly melodic streak running through it. Taking influence from the classic old-school doom/death bands in the 90s, the band pump out 8 tracks of heavy, emotive metal, full of dark colour and deep impression.

Delivered with a traditional authenticity for this kind of music, Revelations of Rain know a thing or two about how to play doom/death at this point in their careers. Their formula sticks to the classic template and has been refined over the years to the point where the songs on Akrasia will resonate with any fan of the style quite loudly.

The songs are written with a clear love of the genre and the band handle pacing and dynamics well. Although they play on the slower side of the tempo spectrum for a lot of the time, they allow themselves to speed things up a bit when necessary, avoiding an overdose of one type of delivery for too long.

I’d describe this as gloomy-but-colourful. The band have the requisite doom and gloom aspects of the style in spades, but due to the rampant melodies that they frequently employ there’s also a wealth of colour and brightness in addition to the darkness. These two sides of the music manage to not compete with each other too, for the most part. Rather, the doom misery forms the backbone of the music while the melodies sit atop this base, lashing out with bright arcs of liquid light, it seems. The doom is always there, of course, waiting patiently, eventually swallowing the light like black hole. The darkness and gloom always wins eventually, as is the way with Akrasia.

There’s more than enough light and shade, calm reflection and violent explosion to be had on Akrasia that the entire thing is a compelling listen. I also like how a lot of the lead guitars seem to be almost telling a story with their winding melodies and engaging delivery. Very nice.

There’s 60 minutes of music to be explored and experienced on this release, with each spin of the album revealing more to like and enjoy in their work. The dark atmospheres that the band foster and spread are easily absorbed, but there’s a depth to them that is not so easily penetrated in one listen. Take the time to let the music seep into your pores. It’s well worth it.

Akrasia is a quality release that’s extremely enjoyable. If you like your doom with roaring vocals, plenty of melody and a solid core of darkness then Revelations of Rain play the style better than most.

Highly recommended.

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