Minenwerfer – Feuerwalze (Review)

Minenwerfer - FeuerwalzeMinenwerfer are a black metal band from the US and this is their fourth album.

Brought to us by an ex-member of Lycus and Plague Widow, Feuerwalze contains 49 minutes of black metal that’s harsh, unforgiving, and utterly merciless. Continue reading “Minenwerfer – Feuerwalze (Review)”

Minenwerfer/1914 – Ich hatt einen Kameraden – Split (Review)

Minenwerfer 1914This is a split between black metallers Minenwerfer from the US and Ukrainian blackened death/doom band 1914.

First up we have Minenwerfer, with 21 minutes of fast and barbaric black metal.

Their side of the split contains four tracks; 3 originals and a re-recording of a song off their debut demo. Continue reading “Minenwerfer/1914 – Ich hatt einen Kameraden – Split (Review)”