Self-Hatred – Hlubiny (Review)

Self-HatredSelf-Hatred are from the Czech Republic and this is their second album. They play death/doom metal.

Hlubiny is the follow up to 2016’s very enjoyable¬†Theia, which I really liked for its contemporary take on the death/doom style. On Hlubiny the band have continued to develop and refine their sound, resulting in 42 minutes of material that sees them at their towering, monolithic best. Continue reading

Self-Hatred – Theia (Review)

Self-HatredThis is the debut album from Self-Hatred, a doom/death metal band from the Czech Republic.

Self-Hatred are, refreshingly, a little different to your standard doom/death band; this is a slightly more contemporary take on the style than most attempt, although it still recognises and is influenced by the founders of this particular sub-genre. I also like the black metal influences that can be heard creeping into the music here and there, which also give Self-Hatred a different angle of attack than a lot of their peers. Continue reading