Nomadic Rituals – Marking the Day (Review)

Nomadic RitualsNomadic Rituals are an Irish doom band and this is their second album.

I’m going to start this review with all of my cards on the table, as they say; this is a great album and Nomadic Rituals deserve to be far higher profile than they currently are.

Now that’s out of the way, we can proceed.

Nomadic Rituals are a colossally heavy doom metal band with cavernous, dark growling vocals, and music that explores vast themes with emotional weight.

The guitars are heavy, heavy, heavy, but still retain a keen emotive edge despite this. The songs are constructed in such a way that the entire album – an hour of music – crashes by like a mobile apocalypse, slow enough to rival the glaciers, but fast enough to immediately make you want to experience its end-times splendour again.

Grim screams and chanted cleans accompany the main growls, and everything is delivered exceptionally well no matter what vocal style is undertaken.

The band’s doom/death approach manages to sound apart from most other bands playing the style, which is a huge achievement in my book. Nomadic Rituals have successfully developed their own identity and personality over the years, and this album is the apotheosis of their art thus far.

With great depth and more variety than you’d expect, Marking the Day is a very complete sounding album; it offers a full listening experience, and the band have obviously worked very hard on their creation.

Crushing rhythms, monolithic riffs, inhuman vocals, shadowy atmospheres, and a slow-building approach to eking out the most from the dark emotions on display here mean that Marking the Day is a monstrously enjoyable listen. The sheer force of presence that these tracks have is enough to knock you over.

Occasionally as you listen to this album, rather than sounding like music, it’s like you’re experiencing a force of nature. Somehow, Nomadic Rituals have managed to channel this raw power into six frighteningly competent songs. Listening to Marking the Day is like listening to a slowly building thunderstorm of biblical proportions.

As, I think, can be clearly seen; I love this. Nomadic Rituals are one of the best doom bands you probably haven’t discovered yet. Rectify this now.

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