Mourners Lament – We All Be Given (Review)

Mourners LamentMourners Lament are from Chile and this is their debut album. They play doom/death.

If you’re a fan of the old-school Peaceville bands from the UK that made such an impact with their doom/death metal, then Mourners Lament will be right to your tastes.

We All Be Given has a nice weighty, crisp, clear sound. The recording is textured and rich, which helps to bring out these same qualities in the music itself.

The songs on We All Be Given have clearly had a lot of thought and care put into their crafting, which means that these aforementioned rich textures shine brightly in all aspects of the band’s music.

Deep growls are the main vocals, although others do appear here and there. The singer’s voice is effective and remains legible for a lot of the delivery.

There are plenty of melodies to be enjoyed and savoured on this release; for the most part they manage to burn hotly against the dark music. Melodies and rhythm guitars combined, they produce a feeling that’s caught between hope and despair, although certainly weighted towards the latter. Such is the nature of much doom/death, where the bands capture the musical equivalent of misery and woe, while also portraying a certain sweetness of melancholy in their sorrow.

These songs are heavy and full-bodied, with the band showing an easy mastery of the style. Mournful melodies, subtle keyboards and doom-laden rhythm guitars are all skilfully arranged into tracks that carry the listener on an emotive journey into the heart of darkness.

We All Be Given is such an authentic slab of old-school doom/death that you might actually think it was some long-lost gem from the 90s were it not for the professional production it has. Regardless of where it has come from, I’m glad it’s here, as Mourners Lament have produced a really satisfying album.

Highly recommended for fans of atmospheric misery everywhere. This is music to get lost in.

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