Vanha – Melancholia (Review)

Vanha - MelancholiaThis is the second album from one man death/doom metal band Vanha.

Vanha’s debut album Within the Mist of Sorrow struck me hard, and has stayed with me ever since as a quality exemplar of how to provide a textured and highly atmospheric display of 90s death/doom influences. Delivered as a duo, Vanha is now one man, Melancholia is his latest effort. Continue reading “Vanha – Melancholia (Review)”

Interview with Vanha

Vanha Logo

Welcome to the world of Vanha. On the one hand it’s a very bleak and desolate world, filled with heartache and misery. On the other hand though, it’s a world full of rich beauty and textured emotive soundscapes. Within the Mist of Sorrow charts and documents themes of suffering and sadness in such a way that the listener is moved by the music and the emotive performance within.

Jan “Janne” Johansson (Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards) and Jesse Oinas (Drums) are Continue reading “Interview with Vanha”

Vanha – Within the Mist of Sorrow (Review)

VanhaVanha are a doom/death metal band from Sweden. This is their debut album.

This is atmospheric doom metal with some death metal elements added in for extra bite, primarily in the vocal department.

Rooted in the old school doom/death style of the 90s, Vanha combine heaviness, melody and sorrowful keyboards to produce an album that manages to crush both physically and emotionally. Continue reading “Vanha – Within the Mist of Sorrow (Review)”