Dead Cross – II (Review)

Dead Cross - IIThis is the second album from Dead Cross, a hardcore band from the US.

Following on from 2017’s well-received Dead Cross, II hits like an adrenaline shot. Stitching together a carefully smashed up collection of hardcore, thrash and other miscellaneous styles, Dead Cross once again deliver a charismatic and characterful platter of punky tunes.

Combining aggressive passion with quirky nuance and musical wildness, the songs are idiosyncratic and individual. The old-school feel of early punk and thrash is mixed with the ability to blend humour and seriousness in a way that used to be common in the 80s, yet seems decidedly rare in the present day.

II is an album of catchy moments thrown together with skill and energy. Whether it is a killer riff, a horror-film-sounding melody, an atmospheric flourish, a punk drum beat, or the vocal acrobatics of the legendary singer, Dead Cross’ songs have got a lot to keep the listener pleasurably occupied.

The band are clearly having fun with the music, despite how much emotion has obviously been sunk into it. Dead Cross love what they do, but they also believe in it strongly. This is a winning combination, resulting in an album that’s highly enjoyable and hits hard.

If creatively unhinged thrash-laced punk floats your boat, then look no further than the roller-coaster ride that is II.

Very highly recommended.

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