Peurbleue – La Ciguë (Review)

Peurbleue - La CiguëThis is the debut album from French black metal band Peurbleue.

Peurbleue play a form of mood-rich, electronically enhanced black metal. La Ciguë is a 36-minute soundscape of dark atmosphere and mysterious textures.

If you imagine an unholy amalgamation of bands such as Xasthur, Mütiilation, Mysticum, Spektr, and early Aborym, you’ll have a rough idea of Peurbleue’s sound.

A mix of industrial, noise, ambient, and drone elements can be found across the album, with some tracks given over to this side of the music entirely. The other side of the band that is more recognisably black metal is harsh, lo-fi, and raw. The industrial, etc. influences are merged seamlessly with this aspect of Peurbleue’s music, resulting in a collection of tracks that exist both inside and outside of black metal’s typical purview.

The music seems to float in a sea of swirling darkness and atmospheric sounds that sometime coalesce into blackened semi-industrial nightmarescapes. Shrieked vocals with a depressive black metal edge howl through the music, cutting like a rusty blade. Other unhinged vocalisations also appear, like the whispers of unfettered daemons.

La Ciguë is an underground release that’s not for the uninitiated. Check out what Peurbleue have created and enter their dark, anguished world.

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