Spektr – The Art to Disappear (Review)

SpektrSpektr are a Black Metal band from France. This is their fourth album.

Spektr specialise in harrowing Industrial-tinged Black Metal that laces elements of Ambient throughout this bleak journey into the fractured darkness of the human psyche.

Blackened melodies are twisted and warped to fit the band’s grim vision of what the music should sound like. Spektr have never been a standard Black Metal band and on The Art to Disappear they continue to provide a nightmare soundscape onto which they paint broken ideas of urban claustrophobia and mechanised fear.

Listening to Spektr is like listening to the living embodiment of a rhythmic, pulsing evil. They have always been somewhat of an acquired taste for this reason, as their non-standard take on the genre is simply too much for some. This is music that pushes boundaries by the very nature of the terrible conceptual understanding of horror that lies at their very core.

The Art to Disappear plays out almost like a film soundtrack, ebbing and flowing with different darkened moods throughout the 41 minutes playing time. Although, if this actually were the case, I imagine it would be the most terrifying film of all time. It’s a very holistic album for this reason, with each song acting as a different scene, each more upsetting and disturbing than the last.

All credit to them, this level of unpleasantness is not an easy one to achieve.

Dare you listen to this?

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