Liminal Shroud – All Virtues Ablaze (Review)

Liminal Shroud - All Virtues AblazeThis is the second album from Canadian black metal band Liminal Shroud.

Liminal Shroud play atmospheric black metal with a combination of immersive atmosphere, melodic weight, and blistering aggression. All Virtues Ablaze contains 40 minutes of material that’s carved up into four songs.

The music has a melancholic, sorrowful feel. In places the style veers towards that of depressive black metal, although this is more evident in some parts of some songs more than others.

The songs are well-written and effectively delivered. The band’s riffcraft is strong, and their use of melodies engaging. The harsher side of the music has an intensity that’s effectively combined with the more welcoming melodies, and the atmospheric components are arranged well around this.

Each of the songs reflects what Liminal Shroud are capable of, and each has its own character and strengths. A range of paces and dark moods are used throughout, and a few different textures are explored across the album, including lighter moments and some clean singing. Overall the music covers a decent amount of ground within the band’s chosen blackened framework.

All Virtues Ablaze is an enjoyable album that offers fans of atmospheric black metal much to savour.

Highly recommended.

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