Kreator – London Apocalypticon – Live at the Roundhouse (Review)

Kreator - London Apocalypticon - Live at the RoundhouseKreator are a legendary German thrash band who need little introduction.

Touring for the hugely enjoyable Gods of Violence album, this live album catches the band at a UK show in London, and records 73 minutes of thrashtastic tunes for prosperity. Bonus editions of this album also feature additional live recordings in other parts of the world, so there’s an even bigger incentive to get those if you’re a real fan.

Having seen Kreator live last in 2017, (where does the time go?), this was a great opportunity to catch up with the band’s live assault once more. Of course, if you’re in any way familiar with the band then you know exactly what to expect here, and you’ve probably heard it all before, but this matters not one jot. Kreator are an institution, and this live album delivers exactly as it should, and pretty much as you’d want it to.

With as many good songs as Kreator have, any live show will likely end up excluding some favourites, as otherwise they’d be playing for hours and hours. London Apocalypticon covers a good range of old and new, and although some people would undoubtedly prefer a different weighting between eras, it’s churlish to complain really. London Apocalypticon is a solid live document of a band in their element, playing music they clearly love, at a show that I very much wish I could have been at.

The album sounds professional and is packed with thrash metal gems. What’s not to like? Listen to Kreator.

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