Heart Attack – Negative Sun (Review)

Heart Attack - Negative SunThis is the third album from French thrash/heavy metallers Heart Attack.

Described in the promo blurb as “the lovechild of Gojira, Machine Head and early Metallica”, this is a decent starting point for approaching Negative Sun. Across 45 minutes, (including a Genesis cover as a bonus track), Heart Attack unleash a mix of old and new thrash/groove/heavy metal, (with a touch of hardcore), and do so with passion and charisma.

The songs are well-written and focus on catchy riffs, anthemic choruses, and melodic power. Each track has a personality of its own that’s well-developed and realised.

Packed with meaty thrash riffs, Negative Sun hits hard. Whether it’s fast and fiery, or pummelling with chunky groove and rhythmic strength, these songs want you to move to them. If you like your songs to be energetic riff-fests, then this is an album for you.

The band’s use of melody adds depth and emotion to the songs. These melodies work with the rest of the music well, firmly embedding themselves into the framework of the overarching song. There are plenty of tasty guitar solos too, if you like that sort of thing, (which I do).

The old-school thrash metal that sits at the core of Heart Attack’s music is merged seamlessly with more modern elements. Aspects of heavier styles – such as harsh vocals, breakdowns, and blast beats – are incorporated into the band’s arsenal where appropriate, and other contemporary influences can be heard alongside the music’s more traditional ones. The end result is an engaging and personable style that straddles old and new to bring us a selection of very satisfying metal tracks.

The vocals are diverse, taking in a range of rough styles, backed up by deeper growls and screams on occasion. This is where the band’s hardcore influences can mainly be felt, (as well as in some of the band’s other songwriting aspects). The lead singer has a good voice for this sort of material, and his performance is strong. I really like the guitarist’s harsh vocals as well. One song features the singer of Decapitated too, which is always nice.

Negative Sun is a top quality album of modern thrash metal. Taking cues from the old-school to inform the new, Heart Attack have produced a very enjoyable collection of tracks. If you’re a fan of the above-mentioned bands, as well as acts like Trivium, Enforced, Urne, Power Trip, Cryptosis, and Testament, then Negative Sun is definitely for you.

Very highly recommended.

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