Testament – Brotherhood of the Snake (Review)

TestamentTestament are a legendary thrash metal band from the US. This is their 11th studio album, (12th if you count First Strike Still Deadly).

With the bigger bands in the metal scene it’s easy to say something like “and here’s a band that need no introduction”, but I feel this really is true of Testament. Where would you start? After decades of service to the Metal Gods they’re still pumping out fiery and passionate metal that’s absolutely top notch.

Although I like a good intro as much as anyone, I also like it when a band get straight into things, which is what Testament do on Brotherhood of the Snake. It’s obvious they mean business and there’s no messing around.

This is an album that, like their previous release Dark Roots of Earth, consolidates all of the band’s strengths and assets into one place and uses their considerable talents to their benefit.

These songs are heavy. Also, as the album has a bloody massive production, they’re not shy in letting you know this. These guitars have crunch! The grooves and blasts are like punches to the face. Of course, this is a good thing.

The songs are catchy, memorable, and as well-written as you would expect from the band. Testament always put out good music no matter what they do, and even at their worst they’re better than most of their peers. On Brotherhood of the Snake they’re firing on all cylinders and this is just over three quarters of an hour of prime thrash metal.

The singer is on top form, using pretty much all of his vocal styles he’s developed throughout the years, be this his melodic cleans or his powerful deathgrunts. Top work that man!

On the very first listen you can easily identify a whole shed-load of different parts of the songs that you know are going to stick with you for years and years. Repeated listens solidify this opinion, and it’s somewhat shocking, almost, how easily these songs slip into the Testament discography and take their rightful place in metal history.

I was excited and hopeful about this release before I listened to it, and now I have I’m extremely happy with it. It’s what you would expect Testament to do at this point, only probably even better than that. After three decades of producing classic music it seems there’s no stopping them, which is just fantastic.

Make sure you get Brotherhood of the Snake. For a pure, unadulterated metal treat, you can’t do better than this.

Utterly essential for any metal fan.


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