Intent – Exile (Review)

Intent - ExileThis is the second album from US thrash metal band Intent.

Intent play classic thrash metal with a brutal, aggressive edge.

Intent furiously tear through 39 minutes of blistering thrash. The band like to play fast, and do so with precision and skill. The crunchy riffs fly by a mile a minute, and the rough vocals and screaming leads and solos are never far behind. The rhythmic brutality of the drummer is ubiquitous, and he drives the music forward with raging intensity, (I particularly enjoy the drum sound and performance on this album).

The songs pummel and pound in satisfying ways. Fast and heavy, the band’s songwriting is well-developed, making use of the classics to power their thrashy vision. The band certainly know their way around old-school thrash metal – Slayer in particular, but also Testament, Metallica, and Exodus – and use their influences well across Exile.

Intent definitely have some room to further develop their own identity and strengths within their thrash framework, but Exile is still a solid example of the style. If you’re a fan of old-school thrash metal and want something new to get your teeth into, then check out what Intent have created on Exile.

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