Shrapnel – Palace for the Insane (Review)

Shrapnel - Palace for the InsaneThis is the third album from UK thrash metallers Shrapnel.

Shrapnel play aggressive thrash in the style of Kreator mixed with some Testament and Metallica. I have a low tolerance for thrash these days, but Shrapnel pass the taste-test quite nicely.

The songs are packed with crunchy riffs, fiery leads, and vibrant solos. Primarily fast and hostile, it’s also rhythmically strong, with plenty of jagged grooves, and the heaviness is balanced with melodic might. The songs are enjoyably barbed, and have a decent amount of hooks spread out around the violence. The band know their instruments, and they have a technical side, which manifests well in the music. They don’t neglect their songwriting smarts, however, and the songs are full of strong melodies, riffs, and choruses.

The vocals are well-performed, with a confident snarl that occasionally veers into more melodic territories. It’s a good performance.

Shrapnel’s old-school assault is accomplished and well-delivered. The band have an obvious talent for writing thrash metal, and this is an album full of catchy, quality tunes.

Palace for the Insane manages to both honour its roots, while also injecting enough of its own personality into the music to be relevant today.

Very highly recommended for any fan of boisterous thrash.

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