Impureza – La Caída de Tonatiuh (Review)

ImpurezaThis is the second album from French death metallers Impureza.

Impureza play death metal mixed with Iberian musical influences. This means we get acoustic and flamenco guitars, folk melodies, and Spanish lyrics, all combined with a brutal/technical death metal core. Also featuring some additional guests who provide other non-standard instruments, (and some female vocals), this is 50 minutes of individual and well-themed death metal.

The vocals consist of varied deathgrowls that are occasionally enhanced by clean singing, adding an extra dimension to the band’s sound.

The musicians clearly all know what they’re doing on this release, from the impressive guitars, to the frolicking, wandering bass, to the sometimes jaw-dropping drums. The quality of the playing is pretty much above reproach, but this would all be worth surprisingly little if they didn’t have the songwriting skills to back up their musical might, which they definitely do.

The Iberian influences are effortlessly weaved into the band’s blend of brutal and technical death metal, resulting in songs that each have their own distinctive personality, and waste not a single moment of the relatively long playing time with unnecessary filler.

Think an Iberian version of a Nile/Orphaned Land hybrid, with a hint of Death, and you’ll be on the right lines.

Highly recommended.

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