The Silent Rage – Nuances of Life (Review)

The Silent Rage - Nuances of LifeThis is the second album from Greek power metallers The Silent Rage.

Nuances of Life contains 58 minutes, (with bonus tracks), of melodic power metal. It’s an album that should find favour with fans of the heavier, grittier side of the style. For a starting point for The Silent Rage’s music, imagine a mix of Nevermore, Iced Earth, Angel Dust, Judas Priest, and Testament.

The Silent Rage’s songs are well-written and the band know what they are doing and how to execute their material. Nuances of Life is less-polished than much power metal is, and I don’t mean that in any disparaging way. The weighty production, lack of keyboards, and the band’s predilection for meaty thrash riffs means that this is power metal with a good influence from both heavy and thrash metal.

This is also quite true of the band’s vocals. I like the lead singer’s voice; he is a little deeper and rougher than many of his peers, (much like the music), despite still having the ability to soar when needed. Alongside these primary vocals there are also backing vocals used here and there, including gang shouts and very high pitched singing.

Nuances of Life is enjoyable, fun, and easy to get on board with. There’s little to overtly dislike here, so make sure you check out what The Silent Rage are offering.


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