Defiatory – Apokalyps (Review)

Defiatory - ApokalypsThis is the third album from Swedish thrash metal band Defiatory.

Following on from 2016’s Extinct and 2018’s Hades RisingApokalyps delivers 36 minutes of Defiatory’s Bay Area-influenced thrash.

Channelling the Ancient spirits of Testament, Annihilator, Slayer, and Metallica, Defiatory have unleashed an enjoyable collection of tracks that worship at the altar of old-school thrash metal.

This is an album to headbang to furiously while raising your fists in the air. Defiatory know a thing or two about thrash, and Apokalyps rages along with old-school passion and energy. Meaty, tasty riffs are thrown out like it’s 1986, accompanied by dark melodies that have equally good vintage.

The guitarists know how to shred. Blistering melodies and molten solos run rampant, as the rhythm guitars peel off riff after riff after riff. It’s a very guitar-oriented album, although that shouldn’t minimise the impact of the rest of the musicians, all of whom are very competent in their chosen trade.

With well-written songs and a sound that hits hard, Apokalyps is a quality slab of spiky thrash, the sort of which isn’t commonly heard too often these days.

Highly recommended for those that like to thrash like a maniac.

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