Orbit Culture – Nija (Review)

Orbit Culture - NijaThis is the third album from Swedish metallers Orbit Culture.

Orbit Culture play a type of modern metal that mixes groove metal, thrash, and metalcore together, adds a touch of deathcore, and then coats everything in a meaty production designed to get the blood pumping.

The songs combine heavy guitars, pounding beats, and growled vocals, with electronic enhancements, a more melodic approach, and emotive clean singing. As you would expect, this is sometimes deployed in a beauty-and-the-beast verse/chorus style, but it’s not limited exclusively to this; Orbit Culture are more versatile than that.

I like that Orbit Culture’s heavier side exists on the more brutal end of the modern metal spectrum. This, added to the deathcore influences and a decent idea of how to use emotion and melody, means that the songs avoid a lot of the common pitfalls that tend to plague groove metal and metalcore bands. This also helps combat the sense of jaded weariness I tend to sometimes feel when approaching a band that operate within such a well-worn, well-defined style such as this; although you wouldn’t call Nija wildly original, (very few albums are), it does have a freshness of delivery that marks it out as better than many/most of its peers.

This is a well-written and enjoyable collection of songs. I find a lot of bands playing within this style to be too generic or lifeless, but not Orbit Culture it seems; they know how to bring both heaviness and emotion. They remind me of a mix of bands such as Trivium, Gojira, Metallica, In Flames, Testament, Thy Art Is Murder, Sylosis, and As I Lay Dying, only, against all of the odds, with a personality of their own, despite the clear reference points. Impressive.

Nija is a satisfying and enjoyable collection of catchy and memorable songs. With a pleasing amount of heaviness, a strong set of riffs, and a good grasp of emotive melody, this is an album that’s much, much better than the average.

If your tastes run to the modern metallic style, then this is pretty much an essential listen.

2 thoughts on “Orbit Culture – Nija (Review)”

  1. Been following Orbit Culture since the first release and I have never heard any metalcore/deathcore in there music🤔its Thrash/Death and some industrial is what iam hearing but anyway it’s a Fucking killer release and I can only hope they become the next big Metal band 🤘🤘🤘

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