Converge – Beautiful Ruin (Review)

ConvergeThis is the latest EP from Converge, a legendary hardcore band.

Apparently recorded during the sessions for The Dusk in Us, this EP lasts a mere 7 minutes and spends its time ferociously ripping off faces left, right, and basically every-damn-where.

Raw and vicious, this is converge at their most brutally heartfelt. Each song is violent and intense, using its short playing time to tear out fast and nasty hardcore punk with energy and frenzied passion.

If you’re familiar with the shorter, harsher side of Converge’s material then you pretty much know what to expect here. Quality levels are high, the songs are brief exemplars of savage punk, and they are delivered in Converge’s inimitable style, with atypical riffs, unusual melody, and the singer’s unique voice.

And, if you’re unfamiliar with Converge’s work, then I suggest you listen to not only this, but everything else they have done.

This handful of tracks is a worthy accompaniment to The Dusk in Us, and a highly recommended listen in its own right.

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