KEN Mode – Loved (Review)

KEN ModeKEN Mode are a noise rock/hardcore band from Canada and this is their seventh album.

Loved is 35 minutes of violent mood and vicious emotion. Primarily mixing together metal, hardcore, and noise rock, the album also contains elements of extremity that come from black and death metal backgrounds, as well as moments of industrial and experimental forays. Saxophone is used relatively frequently.

Loved is intense. There’s an old-school sensibility to this despite how cutting edge it can also be. Fuelled by atavistic punk, the raging heart of KEN Mode is driven forward with punishing energy and scathing memorability. Despite its extremity and harshness, it’s a catchy and memorable album full of inventive structures, electrifying riffs, and blistering vocals.

The aggression of the album can initially shield the listener from how diverse and multifaceted this collection of barbed tracks is. Each song has its own character and identity, making for a very well-rounded and satisfying listen overall.

Loved is an easy and rewarding album to throw on repeat, absorbing its emotive aggression again and again. Dirty, heavy, and nasty; this is a compelling and impressive album.

Melvins, Today Is the Day, Converge, Deadguy, Botch, Association Area, and others; if adventurous music of this ilk is your thing, then you should love KEN Mode.

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