Sunflo’er – All These Darlings and Now Me (Review)

Sunflo'er - All These Darlings and Now MeSunflo’er are a hardcore band from the US and this is their third album.

On All These Darlings and Now Me Sunflo’er combine mathcore and post-hardcore into a harsh-yet-catchy 27 minutes.

Imagine a mix of Converge, Every Time I Die, KEN Mode, and Circle Takes the Square, and you’ll be on the right lines.

The songs take a chaotic hardcore approach that’s tempered by noise rock and hard rock elements. Danceable riffs and aggressive grooves take you through the songs as they peel off your skin with their blistering attitude.

The album has a few different textures that it explores, and it’s not all riotous explosive energy. Tracks like Here End the Roads and Days, for example, demonstrate a more subdued and atmospheric instrumental side of the band.

All These Darlings and Now Me Sunflo’er is an enjoyable romp through Sunflo’er’s quirky world. If you’ve a taste of hard rocking hardcore with a good sense of songwriting, then check this out.

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