Jungle Rot – Jungle Rot (Review)

Jungle RotThis is the tenth album from US death metal veterans Jungle Rot.

Although Jungle Rot aren’t a band I’m intimately familiar with, I do know, (and enjoy), some of their previous work, so it’s with great interest that I listen to this self-titled album as it’s a bit different from what I’ve heard from the band before.

Most of Jungle Rot’s stomping death metal is present and correct, but there’s definitely more of a thrash metal influence to be heard on these songs. There’s even a guest appearance on one song from the singer of Destruction, and the last track is a cover of Kreator‘s Terrible Certainty, as if to cement this direction.

Ultimately this is still old-school death metal, of course, although you can definitely hear thrash’s influence in the riffs and the energy of the drums. There are some 90s hardcore and grindcore elements here and there too; not enough to be a major part of the band’s style, but enough to remind me of the era. Jungle Rot is a band that came into existence in the 90s, of course, and they continue to use these influences, (and earlier ones), to this day.

These songs are instantly welcoming and familiar, while still sounding surprisingly fresh. Part of this comes from the animated and infectious delivery of the band; it’s very clear that they’re still heavily into what they’re doing even after all of this time. With plenty of hooks firmly embedded into their song-based approach, this album doesn’t contain a bad song on it.

As I said at the start of this review; I may not be on a first name basis with all of Jungle Rot’s material, but this self-titled album is the best I’ve ever heard them. Take that for what you will, but make sure you check out this face-ripping album.

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